Barry ''Butch'' Sigel

Artist Statement:
I always work from life when doing drawings and like using cheap, frayed brushes so that I don't have complete control.
Along with that I like controlled "accidents", mistakes, and screenprint images that aren't in perfect registration. Unlike most printmakers, I go out of my way to make each one of an edition to be unlike every other one. Of course, not all the results " pass muster", but the technique makes the entire process, from original drawing to the last copy, to be creative. Otherwise, I'd be bored.


I was born during WW II down in Baltimore, Md. and went to the local art school, Maryland Institute of Art, now a major college. Yale Graduate School exiled me after one year and I settled here in N.Y.C. I've been teaching at Fashion Inst. of Tech. (F.I.T.) in the Fine Arts department for 20 years


I have done some illustration work and would like some more…